About #AllOnBoard

For media inquires please email or call Viveca Ellis at viveca@bcpovertyreduction.ca or 604-366-1008.

#AllOnBoard stands for affordable and accessible transit based on income in Metro Vancouver to ensure our communities can access public transit to live, work and thrive. 

We advocate for:

  • Free transit for all children and youth 0-18

  • Sliding scale monthly pass system based on income 

We advocate for an immediate end to the fare evasion ticketing of minors, and the introduction of community service and restorative justice options for adults as an alternative to fare evasion tickets. 

We also advocate for a social justice and poverty reduction mandate for Translink, non-stigmatizing affordability measures, fare evasion fines to be unlinked from ICBC and infrastructure expansion. 

Metro Vancouver has zero affordability measures based on income to ensure equitable acccess to our public transit system. We lag far behind many cities and municipalities across Canada, the US and beyond that offer affordability measures to ensure low-income folks can access the essential service of public transit. 

The result? Children, youth and adults that primarily lack access to any other form of transport in Metro Vancouver remain locked out of our transit system.

The time is now. Join in solidarity to make affordable transit a #1 issue in Metro Vancouver and ensure our whole communities can get on board.  

#AllOnBoard is a movement. The campaign consists of an alliance of  coalitions, organizations, community groups, advocates, unions and passionate communities and citizens from municipalities across Metro Vancouver coming together to ensure our entire communities can get on board.