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Selected Media Hits

They really struggle to get where they need to go - group pushing for TransLink to adopt more equitable fares (News 1130, October 11, 2019)
New West schools on board with campaign pushing free transit for youths (New Westminster Record, October 6 2019)
TransLink exploring ways of reducing or removing fines for youth and low-income people (CBC News, April 24 2019)
Poverty advocates ask for transit relief (Richmond News, March 8 2019)
Burnaby council endorses free transit for children and youth (Burnaby Now, March 3 2019)
Vancouver Park Board gets #AllOnBoard (Vancouver Courier, January 31 2019)
Un appui de taille pour la campagne All on Board (Radio Canada, January 20 2019)
Vancouver City council passes transit, climate ’emergency’ motions (Global News, January 17 2019)
Campaign for free youth transit and low-income discounts goes to Vancouver council (Global News, January 17 2019)
Wheelchair user helped make transit more accessible, but she can’t afford to take the bus (StarMetro Vancouver, January 17 2019)
Vancouver council supports free transit for youths (Vancouver Sun, January 17 2019)
Motion for free public transit for youth approved by Vancouver City Council (Daily Hive, January 17 2019)
Vancouver is One Step Closer to Offering Youth Free Transit Access (604Now, January 17 2019)
The Best of The Simi Sara Show - Tues, Jan 15th 2019 (CKNW, January 15 2019)
TransLink says free fares for children and youth could reduce annual revenue by tens of millions of dollars (Georgia Straight, January 15 2019)
‘TransLink debt’ from fare evasion tickets affects teens’ future (Vancouver Sun, January 15 2019)
On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko January 15 2019 (CBC, January 15 2019)
Should public transit be free for minors?(CTV Vancouver, January 15 2019)
Motion on free transit for youth to be debated by Vancouver council (CBC News, January 14 2019)
Transit fines are punishing people who have to choose between eating and taking the bus, says B.C. poverty advocate (Star Metro Vancouver, January 14 2019)
Free transit for youths pitch to go before Vancouver council(Vancouver Sun, January 14 2019)
Public transit could soon be free for all youth in Metro Vancouver (Vancouver Is Awesome, January 14 2019)
Topics to watch at Vancouver city hall: Money laundering, free transit and climate change(Vancouver Courier, January 14 2019)
COPE's Jean Swanson will seek council's endorsement of campaign for free transit for minors(Georgia Straight, January 12 2019)
Vancouver to vote on joining campaign for free and discounted transit (Global News, January 12 2019)
Free transit for kids, discounts for low-income adults supported by Vancouver City Councillor (News1130, January 12 2019)
Vancouver city council to vote on backing free transit for youth, discounts for low-income riders (Global News, January 11 2019)
Vancouver Might Ask Translink to Discount for Low-Income People, Free for Youth (604Now, January 11 2019)
Vancouver to vote on push for free transit for minors (Vancouver Sun, January 10 2019)
Lower Mainland campaign calls for free transit for children and youths under 18(Georgia Straight, December 12 2018)
PoMo council wants free transit for youth (Tri-City News, December 6 2018)
New Westminster city council supports free transit for youth (New Westminster Record, December 4 2018)
Ten Ways We’ll Fight for a Better Vancouver (The Tyee, November 13 2018)
Schula Leonard: TransLink should offer free service for students under 18 in Metro Vancouver (The Vancouver Sun, October 11 2018)
Calls for Low-Income Transit Pass(Breakfast Television, October 4 2018)
Translink open to 'starting dialogue' on free transit for children and youth (The Vancouver Sun, June 29 2018)


PECHA KUCHA! Viveca Ellis discusses #AllOnBoard at the Columbia Institute's Centre for Civic Governance’s “High Ground: Rising to the Challenge” conference (April 12 2019)

Can Metro Vancouver afford more equitable access to transit for youth and low-income households? (April 2 2019)

Metro Vancouver study on housing and transit affordability (2015)

City of Seattle debuts free transit for all high school students June 2018. The pass would give students access to unlimited public transportation throughout the year (June 25 2018)

The habit that can last a lifetime: building transit users for life (April 14 2017)

Link to past Triple A Transit Forum at SFU Woodwards from October 8th, 2015 based on work of Burnaby's Transit Working Group (October 8 2015)